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Data Science and Analytics

Advanced Cube Technologies provides the best Data and analytics services UAE. Our company is highly advanced and technologically equipped with amazing gadgets and devices. We are the best in our work and we believe in perfection. Data is one of the most important things for every business. But before you use this, you need to unlock the value. You also need the analytics component for this reason. Our company will make sure that all your needs are fulfilled.


We provide you with analytics which gives access to insights that are necessary for your business and can be used to improve the performance. This will also help you to gain knowledge about your customers, budget, as campaigns and much more.



We understand the importance of data analytics in the business and therefore this has become very important for your company to understand how to implement it. We will help and guide you in this case so that your company is benefits. Some of the advantages of using data analytics are:


Improved Design Making


Different businesses and companies can utilise the insights which they get from the data analytics to inform their decisions and have the leading outcomes.


The guesswork is eliminated with the use of data analytics. This helps in planning the market campaigns and also to choose which developing products and content can be used in your company. This gives you a 360-degree view of your clients and customers. This also means that you have to understand the needs of your customers to meet their demands and needs in a better way.



We use modern data analytics technologies which help us to collect your data and analyse it to update your understanding as the conditions start to change. Therefore hire our dashboard services in UAE.


Effective Marketing


When you start to understand the audience of your company in a better way, you will be able to market them more efficiently and effectively. Our data analytics will also help you to get an insight into how your ad campaigns are performing in the market. This is the way how you can time with your customers and get maximum benefits.

Using our services you gain an insight into what your audience or customer is looking for. You can use these data and information to adjust your targeting criteria through automation or manually. With this, you can adjust your conversions and also put fewer efforts on the less important things.

What We Do

Customer Insights Analytics


Advanced Cube Technologies offer comprehensive data analytics solutions tailored for your different business models to better understand the customer life-stages, customer requirements, customer behavior, and their future viability.

Marketing Analytics


We help you gather the detailed insights to how your marketing campaigns are working and what are the major performance drivers such as effective price, product specialty, product affinity, product demand, sales channels, and overall ROI. We constantly track the major KPIs that help us get detailed marketing analytics to help you business grow.

Sales Analytics


Whether it’s you sales or revenue, customer in pipeline, or a purchase forecast, we bring these stats together in order to plan and forecast the sales, calculate revenue and get a competitive advantage to tweak the ales processes and improve the customer experience and reduce costs related to logistics and site maintenance.

Risk Analytics


Advanced Cube Technologies provide bespoke risk-management techniques to mitigate the financial distress and adjust the risks in accordance with the market price, credit scores, and strategy formulations.

Supply Chain Analytics


We offer you comprehensive analytic solutions in addition to supply chain ERPs in order to balance your business operations and optimize the resource distribution across the organization’s supply chain. We help you enhance the efficiency of your supply chain by enabling the methodical planning of product lifecycle, collection, and execution at store level, logistics, procurement, and organization’s network.

Human Resource Analytics


Our effective solutions help you hire world’s best talent and retain them in the organization. This is achieved through hiring led by data analytics enabling us to create steep and effective learning environment for the right candidates, implementing methods to enhance their skills, control attrition, and depict the workforce requirements and incentives to retain them.

Which tool do we use?


We prefer tableau software for the data analysis. It is the best business intelligence tool. It helps you manage various data and allows you to distribute interactive data online. It connects live data and performs quires as soon as possible. The tableau language has a capacity to organize large data sets in an effective manner that’s beneficial for you and your business. Most of the companies have a large amount of data which can be effectively organized and distributed with Tableau. This software supports Excel, big data source, SPSS etc and easy to use for any organization.




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